Were you saying Kaaboourns?

I saw the Kaaboo lineup and I wondered if at the moment of announcement the lead singer of Candlebox was like "WHY THE FUCK WEREN'T WE SUMMONED", if the bassist to Hootie and the Blowfish recognized the perfect opportunity for a reunion show, if The Rembrandts were taken out of cryogenic sleep, thawed for the work to be done. I don't want to talk shit about the lineup, I mean, obviously I do want to talk shit, Shit is all I can think of talking. My fingers are racing across my keyboard like I was Ron "Typewriter" Mingo (look it up), like I was the organ player from Deep Purple relegated to a clerical position. But I'm in bands. Bands who could potentially benefit from playing said festival. And my big mouth will likely cost us an opportunity. But a lineup including the Gin Blossoms, the Goo Goo Dolls, Collective Soul, Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind gives me pause. Unless it’s some grand plan to rid the world of lameness with a can of raid the size of the Empire State Building. Maybe it’s a festival designed for every dude who ever took advantage of a passed out girl circa 1996, like this is their 20 year reunion celebration or something. I decided to air my grievances because I realized I love San Diego. I came here 17 years ago with the intention of brevity, and here I am. I remember seeing killer bands at Street Scene. Eclectic line-ups that satiated both the absolutely unadventurous as well as those sympathetic ears digging a little deeper than the fm spoon fed. I was excited that we were attempting to have a major music festival return to this area code. Now I feel like I’m watching the end of the Dark Knight when Batman is talking about the hero Gotham needs verses the hero Gotham deserves. Is this the festival we deserve, with Jimmy Buffet, Aerosmith, Jack Johnson and Fall Out Boy in bold, the font might as well be made out of a bunch of limp lenny kravitz dicks. Last Street Scene I went to had Arthur Lee of Love, the Allman Brothers, De La Sol, Wilco, the Skatalites and REM amongst many others. I hope the best for this festival. I hope the years deliver it an eclectic lineup matching its potential. I hope for its evolution (revolution?) But I don’t wanna ever go to a festival where I run the risk of being in line for fried dough with an enthusiastic Ted Cruz in front of me trying to quickly get enough confectionary sugar on his funnel cake to be peaking for the Blues Traveler set like it was HORDE 1996 all over again, no thank you. Hit me up when you’re booking locals