To pass the time

Sometimes during a slow overcast shift you have some downtime to yourself. A moment for quiet reflection, a chance to channel your creativity. There I was cutting a construction paper penis to place inside a used Lenny Kravitz cd. I used a sharpie and pencil to get the equatorial afro dialed in. I folded paper to create a makeshift MacGuyverian spring, so that when the future customer opens the gatefold, the penis will pop out like one of those exploding snake canisters from a 1917 prank. I did all this because a) if you purchase a Lenny Kravitz cd in 2016, you deserve a cardboard penis surprise and b) I Remember! I remember not only Lenny Kravitz exploding with reborn relevance in the form of a rogue legless one eyed salamander and some volatile leather pants, but i remember getting a cease and desist from Lenny's Lawyer regarding my blog entry about his new exposure. I hope only hope I am working when someone picks up his 2008 release "It's Time For A Love Revolution" and gets a little leaping Lenny. 4 hours down, 7 to go.