Not My President

There's no precedent for this president but this is not my president

This is not my president 

The heartless cannot represent 

Their darkness cannot represent 

The shade of skin I’m in

I’m sickened by the sentences

Sentenced to this term of his

I feel confined, constrained condemned 

Awake to what’s at hand

This is the last gasp of the corpse

With a grasp 

Still trying to force

This is that last collision course

And this is my remorse

I cried a tear for every loss

For every year that this will cost

For every fear they’ve turn to law

For every line they cross

It’s all happening at once

I feel a panic in my veins

I try to lift this weight because

It’s crushing each and every day

I try to read and stay informed but

Overwhelming is the norm

And every prophet speaks of storms

And we have watched a tempest born

Torn out from the tv's womb

With eyes that never knew the moon

Weren’t humbled by a flowers bloom

Just insatiably consumed 

as I was starving on my feed

Thinking it was reverie

Thinking this would be the scream 

To pull me from this dream

Cause hatred takes such energy

And love comes easier to me

Seems hatred takes such energy

And love comes easier to me

So if I take the rabbit hole

Gain knowledge at the price of soul

No solace in this world unknown

This is no time to be alone

I’ll braid my voice with anyone

Concerned bout the setting sun

Concerned that sunrise will not come

Who've closed their eyes and seen a gun

Who open eyes and sees the news

Glued to white lies and black truths

Used and tossed out into night

And you should know this is a fight

You should know that you are light

Against a midnight bible black

So you better burn so bright

So we can see a different path

Cause I refuse to believe that hatred is tomorrow’s face

I refuse to believe that we will ever lose this race

I will never pledge allegiance to a human piece of waste

And I will never lose my grip on the land you're trying to take

So to the liar and a thief

Ushered in by apathy

Ushered in by spin and greed

You are the evil that we need 

Cause you're the dark and we're the light

And there’s no day without the night

And there’s no chance your side is right 

An antique thought just born to die