White is the New Black 6/12

Spokane!!!! How did you not notice that chick was white??? She looks like a white chick dressed as black chick for halloween who didn't really try all that hard. Like someone threw a chocolate pie at her in a Gallagher-esque comedy sketch and before she could clean up completely, she was offered a gig at the NAACP. Maybe Spokane is truly color blind and I can go up there and be an Asian Man named Fung Lee who maintains a Koi Fish Pond like I have always dreamed. It's the last place where Sir Paul McCartney can walk leisurely down the street and when accosted by a rabid Beatles fan, he simply says "I'm Lamont Jenkins, a Janitor and the local high school, go sports team!" I guarantee you one thing, when her black ass gets pulled over, she pulls out her hidden copy of Spin Doctors Pocket Full of Kryptonite and pronounces "ask" correctly and drives away, ticket free. This whole story fascinates me, to spend 12 years pretending to be a black person is a commitment that some black people don't even have. If I can get three words into a sentence with a fake british accent before I get too exhausted to keep up the ruse, I consider it an achievement. I'm looking forward to the inevitable documentary 12 Years A Fake and the casting controversy when they get a black woman to play a white woman pretending to be a black woman.