Arcane sounds rise and fall in the background of Midnight Pine's ethereal take on folk music. The band's lush harmonies and traditional acoustic forms inhabit eerie, desolate landscapes where chains rattle, saw blades quiver, and modulated radio signals murmur from the distance like distorted messages from the other side.
All these layers are built around the soulful gifts of young siren Shelbi Bennett. Her richly dynamic voice may adopt the sweet and serene hues of Appalachian gospel/Irish folk singer, or the raw seductive power of a cabaret chanteuse. Bennett leads the Midnight Pine's spectral folk tunes with spirited self-possession, composing songs, harmonies and haunting sounds with guitarist/vocalist Matt Molarius (Transfer) and lyricist/percussionist Alfred Howard (K23, The Heavy Guilt).
Midnight Pine's sophomore release, "Buried" found a home on tastemaking LA radio station KCRW, chosen by DJ Chris Muckley as one of 2014’s top albums and earning plays on award winning KCRW program “Morning Becomes Eclectic.”


"Those that want to find something different should investigate these stunners: pleasing familiarity commingle with new and brave sounds- the effect is phenomenal." -Musical Musings and Such

"On Buried, the group walks the line between modern and vintage with ease, while appearing to pay little mind to either. Theirs is an atmospheric, almost gothic style of folk that can be chilling, like on the vibraphone-accented "Hey There," or gently earthy, as on "Edge of Town." Every song is gorgeously arranged, ranging from noisy and ominous ("Mother of Amends") to drunken torch-song burlesque ("Tears")." - San Diego CityBeat