The Redwoods is a San Diego based independent record label that draws together a number of musicians collaborating on a range of projects. Taking a Stax or Wrecking Crew approach, they create, record, and perform with a house band of all-star players at the center, building an eclectic catalogue of timeless material. The music is classic in tone and craft but could exist comfortably in any era.

Redwoods artist Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact lead off the first edition of The Redwoods Sampler with their new single "Gonna Be Alright." It is vintage soul looking forward and features Karl Denson of The Greyboy All-Stars and The Rolling Stones on saxophone. The sampler contains music from The Midnight Pine, Birdy Bardot, Dani Bell and the Tarantist and many more. Each a unique limb of a thriving family tree. No genre is beyond grasp. Be it hard hitting soul, swampy psychedelic rock, desert noir, or spectral folk, this is a collective of songwriters, musicians and vocalists of the highest caliber, setting a new standard of musical collaboration and song craftsmanship.